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Mr. & Miss. India 2018

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Mrs India 2018

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Mr. & Miss. India 2019

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As I am founder of Dellywood. I thought to give full support to film and fashion fraternities in proper managed manner. By this we are going to support models, actors, actress, singers, dancers, and many other small and big technicians & companies.

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    Eye Color Brown
    Shape Little Fatty
    Complexion Fair
    Height 175 CMS
    Weight 84 Kgs
    Vital 44-36-42
    Hair Type Medium
    Hair Length 1

    Deepak Kumar Prasad

    An Achivement Press Release


    22:55 AM
    Rent For a Day For Shoot
    5000 $

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  •   Dellywood,
          C 8 - 537, Sector 8, Near Metro Pillar No. 376,
          Rohini, Delhi, 110085,
           Delhi, India
  •   +91 9599111186

About Us

Dellywood is one of the leading fashion organization from Delhi, & organizer of Mr. & Miss India, Mrs. India & Talent Hunt.

Dellywood is a venture of Dellywood Times. Dellywood provides a platform for all aspiring models, singers dancers and all artist who want to make career in fashion industries.