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Question.  So what started Dellywood beauty contest? What was the thought behind it or the inspiration?

Answer . Well, what inspired me was the lack of a modeling and fashion hub in North India. Anyone who wants to make a career in modeling has to head towards Mumbai Bollywood or towards Tollywood. This inspired me to create a Dellywood in Delhi.


Question. What all ideas you have implemented to provide support to the budding models?

Answer . We provide support in multiple ways. Apart from holding the beauty pageants which help them groom and showcase their talent, we provide IT support. Models can be booked through our website. We also provide an interactive and responsive mobile application. Talent finds ways to flourish through our system and support.


Queston. When did you start holding these beauty pageants?

Answer . We first held the pageant in 2016.


Question . How wide was your reach in that year?

Answer . We covered the following states in North India – Guwahati, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Hyderabad, Assam.


Question .  Tell us something about the beauty contest 2016.

Answer . We chose 147 contestants from all over then states I told you about. Then we held our contest and chose the top 20 from the list.


Question . How did you choose the 147 contestants?

Answer . The participants uploaded their photo and biopic through the website and then auditioned. Many were even auditioned through video conferencing to make the system flexible to maximize our reach.

Question. What were the awards bestowed on these 20.

Answer. Best smile award



Question .Did you increase your reach in 2017?

Answer. Yes we added the following states to our contest – Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnatka, J&K.


Question. Did you continue to increase the no of states in 2018?

Answer.   Yes we did. We added Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa , Himachal Pradesh, Tripura, Shillong .


Question. What are the future states to be added?

Answer. Sikkim and Manipur in 2019.


Question.  Through these years of experience of holding this paegent what are setbacks did you get/face.

Answer.  In 2016 – we faced major losses. Money was lost in event organization including stage, sound, and light as we were amateurs and it was our first practical experience. We incurred debts through this year.

Also, there was a lot of blame game. Participants questioned our decisions though we followed a fair system. We were blamed for bias and favoritism.


Question. What is the system of judgements in your contests?

Answer. We follow a jury pattern for which we invite eminent personalities from the fashion and film fraternity. In 2016 Madhur Bhandarkar and Zarin khan were part of our show. Furthermore, apart from jury there is voting system from the audience present who are also instrumental in choosing the winner.


Question. How was your experience in 2017?

Answer. In 2017, we also faced losses but they were much less as compared to last year. Though the drawback and issue of participants questioning our decisions is still the same.

Question. What are the other issues do you face being an Indian mindset of the public or participants.

Answer. We face many issues as participants especially girls coming from traditional mindset are being questioned and emotionally blackmailed against pushing their careers in modeling. These cultural hindrances cause mental blocks such as many girls are not allowed to wear short skirts by their family.

We also face complaints even to the extent getting blackmailed in the media by such people.


Question. Can you elaborate any such experience where you faced baseless issues.

Answer.  We received fake calls wherein the caller told us they are calling from the CM or DM office. They told us we are illegally performing our event as we have not taken licensing for music and sound. Although we had full copyright for the same. As they say – “Popularity increases antagonism”.


Question.  Overall, What message do you have for the youth aspiring to make it big in fashion and film industry.


Answer.  My message is that life is short , so make the most of your dreams while it lasts. We at dellywood are here to give wings to your dreams.

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