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Strong and healthy nails are essential part of one's beauty.

Unhealthy nails are charachterized by - ridges, dents , unusual coloration , spots, discloraton, white lines and spots.  

Some of the worse symptoms include - change in shape such as curled nails; thickening or thinning of nails; swelling or pain around the nails.

So, what should you do to care for your nails:

1. Hygiene of the nails - Keep them dry and clean. Trim them regularly. Health is more important than length of the nails.

2. Diet - Following a good health diet is important. Food rich in iron and calcium should be eaten. Such foods include milk, milk products, red meats, fish, soy products, lentils, beans, grains, fresh vegetables, poultry and dry fruits.

3. Massage of nails and moisturize them properly.Keep them hydrated with almond and avacado oils.

4. Use emory board - smooth up rough edges on the spot whether it is caused by any sport, outing or workout.

5. Don't remove the cuticle as it selas the area at the base of the nail preventing any bacterial nfection.

6. always use the base coat before applying nail enamel to fill up ridges and prevent any further damage.

7. Seal the nail polish with a top coat as a good practice to proper finish and prevent chipping.

8. Don't go for acrylic/gel treatments as a regular practice. Main issue is that these treatments use UV which damage the skin below and around the nail. 

9. Take care of your nail tools to prevent infections. Wash them with soap and water and then rub with alcohol. Replace the disposable ones regularly.

10. Give your nails a break. Give your nails time to breathe and relax with a clear nail gloss. Always keeping them covered with heavy pigments or a strong nail color is not good.




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