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Hair care – Section1

There are multiple aspects to taking care of your hair. In today’s section we would be talking about how to take care of hair quality through oiling.

Oiling is essential to keep moisture in your hair. Dryness can weaken the hair from roots causing hair loss. To maintain strength and quality, regular oiling regime is a must.

The following thing needs to be taken care of –

1) How much oil to put in hair

2) What type of oil to use based on hair quality.

3) What technique to follow while oiling hair.


How much oil does your hair need?

Although it depends on the texture of your hair, striking a right balance is important. Too much oil can block the pores on your scalp while less oil can cause your hair to remain dry. So the right amount of oil is essential.


What type of oil to use?

Jojoba, almond and amla oil to use for normal hair.

Almond,  jojoba, coconut, sesame, mustard and cocoa-butter to be used for dry hair.

Olive, sesame and jojoba oil for oily hair.

Tea tree oil is recommended for dandruff in hair.


Technique to be used for oiling hair:

Use lukewarm oil

Spread over scalp to moisturize from roots.

Always use fingers to apply and do not put directly on scalp.

Massage with fingers for 15-20 minutes on scalp.

Overnight oiling is good for your hair or wrap a hot towel to steam hair after oiling for better absorption.

Oiling should be done atleast once a week.






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