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           Art of using shampoo in your hair is an important thing to know for excellent hair care. What we cover in this article includes –

1)      How much to shampoo

2)      Technique to shampoo

How much to shampoo-

The answer to this question depends very much on the quality of your hair. For oily hair, washing every day is recommended. For dry hair, wash every few days while for normal hair, wash every other day or alternate days.

However if you experience lot of hair fall, a lot of use of shampoo is not recommended. Greasy hair or fine hair needs a lot of shampoo but over washing can lead to greasy scalp too. So it is essential to shampoo with care.


Technique to shampoo-

 Brushing your hair before you shampoo helps to make your hair soft and smooth.

Start your head wash with warm water. But make sure the water is not too hot. Using warm water opens up the cuticles of your hair.

Using cold water after the basic wash helps in cleaning the cuticles. So start with warm water followed by cold wash.

Although scalp produces a lot of natural conditioner but if you want to use a conditioner, apply from the middle to tip of the scalp.


It is usually advised to condition for 2 minutes which would seal in the moisture in hair.

Ankita Singh

For excess hair fall what we should do to get ride of it ??

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