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If your skin does not respond very well to make up or personal care products, it can be categorized as sensitive skin. However, this is quite common. May not be the face but other body parts. 99% of the women experience sensitive skin on some part of the body. Dryness is the most common symptom that mostly women have.

Sensitivity of skin after shaving is the most common complaint.Irritation of the skin after using a poor quality razor is the most common cause. However , it is a myth. Irritation from shaving is confused with sensitive skin. Mostly women experience-

a)Redness on the skin

b)Raised bumps - small bumps might appear on the skin

c)Undearm/bikini line might have ingrown hair which irritate after shaving.

d)Legs might get inflammation at the root of hair

e) Itchiness of the skin

f)Flakiness or patching of the skin

g) Cuts on the skin

h)Burning sensation or irritation.

Usually women resort to putting lotion to help them with the symptoms. Sometimes they may even loose confidence on wearing a particular dress or outfit oy may even miss an outing to a beach.

Some solutions-

1)Choose a high quality razor for less irritation

2)Choose a razor more suitable for sensitive skin

3) Shaving all through the year helps to exfoliate dead cells

4)Wet the skin before shaving whcih helps to soften the hair and give you best surface to shave.

5) Shower in warm but not hot water helps to soften the skin without taking out the moisture from the skin.

6) Applying a moisturizing cream regularly helps to replenish the skin.

Take care of your skin through a preset skin care regime and follow precautions to get a glowing . healthy skin.


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