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Definitely we conform to the words of Marilyn Monroe that “A smile is the best makeup a girl could wear,” and the second best is the right makeup itself!  

Commandments to Apply Your Makeup Like a Pro!

Here’s your ultimate beauty cheat-sheet...

The effort to sweep on the mascara may appear to be intuitive, but it is really a technique for maximizing lashes, which, when applied in the right manner, can change your eye look from whatever to wow! Ditto for even the brow pencil as well as for the lipstick. Read a few tricks of the trade here!

No More Concealing of the Concealer Application Trick

Never put concealer on eyelids as base, as it would crease your eye makeup.

Lay the Right Foundation for Applying Foundation!

Using fingers for applying foundation is good if you need proper coverage, and using a brush for applying foundation is good is you need medium coverage.

The Beauty Dust of the Powder!

First and foremost, apply the powder on your shiniest zone, which usually is the T-zone; with a very low dusting everywhere else.


Putting bronzer on neck, face, & chest is good as it evens out your skin-tone. Also, make sure that all these have same color tone.

The Ultimate Blush!

While applying the blush-on, you should smile a little, and then try dusting the apples of your cheeky cheeks, and then try sweeping the pigment towards the top part of your ears, and finally go downwards towards your jawline.

Raise Your Eyebrow to Know about Applying Brow Pencil

Tracing of the brow pencil along the top of your eyebrows is good if you want an instant facelift.

Stick to This Trick for Applying Your Lipstick!

For an even application of your lipstick, you must first start applying lipstick from the cupid's bow and then extend out to your lip corners before blotting.

For Those Beautiful Eyes…

Matte base shadow is good that would match with the lightest section of your face. Try dusting the pigment all over your eyelids and then go up to your eyebrow bone.

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