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1.      If you do not have time for any beauty supplies, use lipstick for adding colour to eyes, lips & even cheeks. Blend the lipstick so that your glow becomes subtle.

2.      If you have no energy in taking off your makeup at night, then try keeping a makeup remover handy at your nightstand.

3.      If some of your grey hair is showing, then try a messy side part, which will hide your roots that need touch-up.

4.      If your summer foundation is too dark, then add some moisturizer for lightening foundation.

5.      If your feet are super dry, then try some ‘at-home’ foot treatment. Before going to bed, cover your feet with foot lotion/oil and wear socks.

6.      If you are having some fly-away hair, then try spraying a little hair-spray with a toothbrush to tame your fly-away hair along your hair line.

7.      If you are having thin hair, then try grabbing an eye shadow to make them look thicker.

8.      If your lipstick does not last the whole day then try holding a tissue over your lips after applying it. Also lightly dusting some translucent powder over this tissue helps.

9.      If you have dried out mascara, then revive it with a few drops of saline solution (contact lenses).

10.  If your face is super dry, then don’t rinse of your face cleanser; instead, wipe it off using a tissue to help moisturize your skin better.

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