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1.    What do you want to do in life? What are your ambitions? What is your mantra for success?

2.    Who is your role model and why?

3.    If you get a chance to become a spy – for which country it would be? Which organization would you like to work for? What would be your work profile?

4.    Have you ever spied on anyone in your life? How and why? If not who would you like to spy on and why?

5.    What according to your perspective the definition of womanhood or malehood?

6.    How essential is cheating in life? What would if faced with the dilemma of cheating or earning money or earning fame and success? What route will you take? How will u handle it?

7.    What is deepest human emotion according to you and who does feel it the most?

8.    If your husband is having an extramarital affair, how will you handle it? What would be your reaction?

9.    If you are in relationship with a person who is free of vices or any bad habits but also not very emotional? How will you handle that?

10.                       What do you think is the difference between intelligence and  intellect? explain

11.                       How important is being a virgin or verger at marriage?

12.                       How would you react to your daughter’s sexual life before marriage?

13.                       You had a love affair before marriage, now the person is back in your life. What would you do if he/she made advances?

14.                       You fall in love with someone after your marriage. How will you handle that?

15.                       As a mother you are the role model of your child, how do you accomplish that? --------------------------------------

16.                       What difficulties did you face to come over here to participate in the Mrs World contest? What did your experience teach you?

17.                       If you win, how would you take it- as a career or as a title?

18.                       If your family doesn’t approve of your career moves after winning the title? How will you take it forward?

19.                       Beauty must be awarded. Why is it important? What is the value of sachet, crown and title to you?

20.                       Simplicity is elegant and elegance is beauty. Why ?

21.                        Body and career are your only personal assets? Why?

22.                       What is more important to you? Time or money? Why?

Money or relationship? Why?

23.                       What is more important to you? Looks or nature or both?

24.                       Have you ever committed a crime in your life? If yes what and why?

25.                       Do you have any aspirations to play a bad or villainous role? What would it be?

26.                       Gender neutral dresses – for males – are you comfortable in wearing a skirt? What’s your explanation?

27.                       Culture or career? If your family has a tradition of wearing a burkha, would you change yourself to accommodate family values after winning the title or would you try to change the family? Or what kind of approach would you take?

28.                       It is very simple to be happy but it is very difficult to be simple. Explain

29.                       Hypothetical question –

A man meets 3 women and gives them 5000 rs each –

one of them is very fashion conscious and spends all the money on beauty products and fashion accessories

another one puts in major portion of the money in a fixed deposit bank account and spends a little ratio

the third one, invests the money wisely in a business venture and makes a huge profit.


Which one would you choose to marry and why?


30.                       Explain the dialogue – “ek chutki sindoor ki kimat tum kya jano chunni babu”

31.                       Dialogue – “ thappd se darr nahi lagta sahib pyar se lagta hai”

32.                       Would you allow your girlfriend to wear short skirts after marriage ?

33.                       The level of faith reduces as we move on in life. For example, when in college our girlfriend or boyfriend can be friends with other males/females but as we get married we take such moves with suspicion. Why?

34.                       Are you the maker of your own destiny ? do you believe that we are predestined to achieve or to fail ? what is your perspective?

35.                       What distinguishes you is what makes or breaks you. Do you understand your genre. Explain

36.                       Casting couch – if u are asked to compromise yourself for your career, what would be your reaction

37.                       How well do you take failures in life? If you don’t win the title today, will you take it as a setback? What would be your reaction?




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