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Title – Cheena Arora – An Emerging Entrepreneur, Social Activist and Role Model

There is no doubt that women have changed the world it used to be. Now, it is impossible to imagine about the development and growth of the world without the contribution of women. There are various women who contribute to the society, science and business world. Now, we are going to talk about a renowned social activist, entrepreneur and a role model to all new generation. Yes, it is about Cheena Arora.

She is just 27 years old mother of a two-year old son. Her husband is a neurosurgeon. When she is asked how she could be able to manage various roles? She simply replied that she knows that she is a multi-talented woman. She is among the top emerging women entrepreneurs online. However, she is also busy in dealing with daily household tasks but still she could be able to manage everything.

An Emerging Entrepreneur

However, there are various women entrepreneurs available online, but Cheena Arora is certainly a distinct one. She never compromise with her family when it comes to working as a woman entrepreneur. However, it’s really difficult to manage two things simultaneously, but she is able to do it successfully. Apart from catering the emotional needs of her family, she also works hard to make changes to the business world. Being an entrepreneur, she knows how to deal with such a situation. She knows that business world always needs something innovative. This is the main reason why she is grabbing success in the business arena.

She Is a Social Activist

Whether it is about raising voice against crimes or women’s situation in India, Cheena Arora is always ready to fight for the betterment of society. There is no doubt that without the betterment of society, we aren’t supposed to imagine of a great world. Hence, for the happiness of people and for the rights of people, this young female entrepreneur and social activist fight against the corrupted system.

She Is a Mother

“Being a mother of a child is just like the happiest woman on this earth planet”, says Cheena Arora. However, it is often seen that many socially active women avoid handling the family responsibilities. But it is not the case with this young businesswoman. She knows that being a mother is a kind of blessing that every woman should enjoy. However, it could be a difficult task to manage time for family and her baby from her busy schedule, but she still could be able to do so.

She Is a Role Model

When it comes to grabbing success in life, everyone needs inspiration. Being a successful entrepreneur and social activist, Cheena Arora is a hope of light for every new woman who wants to create her name in the world of business. Most of the contemporary women consider Cheena as their role model. There is no doubt that she is an inspiration to people who want to do something good for the betterment of their family, society and country.


If you want to know more about Cheena Arora, you should not forget checking her complete profile.   

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