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Tanvi Bajaj – Fitness Enthusiast, Businesswoman and Model

If you want to lead a happy life, you first need to concentrate on grabbing good health and achieving your dreams. Yes, if you can be able to enjoy great fitness with mesmerizing goals of life in mind, you can be able to do something distinct and memorable. It is often assumed that marriage can be a hurdle for the progress of a woman. But Tanvi Bajaj has broken this myth. This 28 year old married woman has shown outstanding talent in the arena of modeling, health and fitness. Currently, she lives in Jodhpur city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Let’s have a quick look at the success journey of this most famous fitness enthusiast, businesswoman and model.

A Successful Entrepreneur

She always appreciates good health. She believes that if people aren’t healthy and fit, they aren’t supposed to lead a happy and successful life. Being a fitness enthusiast, she decided to make a career in health and fitness industry. Thus, she came up with the idea of establishing Fitness Studio. Yes, she is the owner and director of this new health & fitness startup in India. The main motto behind starting this fitness firm is to help people knowing the importance of health and fitness when it comes to leading a healthy and happy life. If you want to grab more details about her fitness firm, you can visit at www.teamfitnessstudio.com. According to her, “I want to see people enjoying good health with great physical stamina and power to fight against negative things in their life”.

A Successful Dellywood Model

It is often assumed that modeling industry is only meant to unmarried girls, but it is not the case with Tanvi Bajaj.  She is among the top Dellywood models in India. She has also won various prestigious beauty competition shows. She said that beauty is all about how you express or present your personality to the world. If you want to be beautiful and attractive, you should first concentrate on improving your health and achieving fitness. If you aren’t fit, you aren’t supposed to grab success in the modeling industry.

Do You Want to Be An Actress?

When Tanvi Bajaj was asked whether she want to be an actress or not, she said she could be. “Currently I want to concentrate on business and modeling only. But yes, if I am given an acting opportunity, I would surely love doing it with great enthusiasm”, says Tanvi Bajaj. Since she is a multi-talented woman, she can be able to do something distinct in acting arena. Being a successful model and entrepreneur, she just wants to help other women to learn how to achieve success in life.

Managing Family and Profession

“When I decided to start my own business, I was advised not to do so just because I was a married woman. Obviously, I ignored all the negative suggestions. And now, I am very satisfied with whatever I have achieved whether in modeling or business industry” says Tanvi Bajaj.

Now, she is planning to do something innovative for the betterment of women and female models in India. If you want to grab latest news, information and updates about Tanvi Bajaj, you need to follow her on social media platforms.

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